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One often neglects to take time out to think about the meaning of one's life. Why not use this opportunity to ask yourself some important questions about how meaningful your life is. When you are finished, click on the question you have answered if you want to return to the page you were previously viewing.
1. How or what can you do to make your life more meaningful?

2.Read the following:
(Boree, 2006)
3.How do you deal with negativity throughout your daily life?
4. In what ways do you relate and direct your attention to something/someone other than yourself ?
5.In what ways do you find meaning and fulfillment in your life?

6. Why not take our survey?


As reported in the above video, a survey was conducted on 7,948 students at 48 different colleges by social scientists from John Hopkins University. They were asked what they considered "very important" at that present moment. The results are as follows:
  • 16% answered "making alot of money", while,
  • 78% answered "finding a purpose & meaning to my life."

(Frankl, 2004, p.105)